Travel Tours to Himalayas

Capture most of Nepal has to offer in two weeks-guided tour. You get to stay in a luxurious air bnb in Kathmandu and highly rated available resorts and hotels in other part of the country as well. Start your trip with exploring Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur and experience ancient Kathmandu and its culture. After few of somewhat relaxed days, get ready for road trip to Pokhara to view majestic mountains for few days. We will then leave for Lumbini, the birth place of buddha. We then head to western part Nepal to spend few days in the jungle resort and experience real wildlife in jungle safari and elephant rides. 80+ tigers and many other animals are roaming around daily there. We will then fly back to Kathmandu and have few days for shopping or sight seeing or mountain flights. The price for this trip is normally $200 per day on  blended rates ( it may change by travel dates\availability\season etc) the price person will get cheaper with more travel mates as you'll be sharing some of travel costs such as car rentals, guide fees, volume discounts on hotel/resorts/air bnb etc).

The trip could be customized any ways and any destination in Nepal, please send your questions to and we will set up a time to customize your trip.