Just opened in  THOUSAND OAKS

July 1, 2016

We have just opened up another Location In Thousand Oaks CA. Thank you to all our loyal patrons who have made this possible. 

Featured in AAA's Westways Magazine

September, 2014


It’s hit or miss with strip-mall restaurants—some are fine when you’re famished between errands to the UPS Store and the dry cleaners, but then some turn out to be worthy of a special trek. Himalaya is one of those hidden gems. Serving the cuisine of Nepal, India, and Tibet, Himalaya enchants as soon as you step into this transformed space of a former Taco Bell.


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Tasting Tibet Without Airplane Tickets

March 27, 2012


Ventura’s Himalaya Aces Exotic Far East Cuisine

Compared to the nearly 8,000 miles between here and Kathmandu, it’s merely a stone’s throw to get to Ventura to enjoy the new restaurant Himalaya. Opened last July on West Main Street, this former Taco Bell has been transformed into an entrancing spot to enjoy exotic Eastern cuisine that’s not very available on the Central Coast, particularly the Nepali and Tibetan specialties. “Nepal is right between India and China, so it’s influenced by the foods of both,” explained owned Anup Rimal, a native of Nepal. “Sometimes it’s with the spices, and sometimes it’s with the cooking methods — there are various ways of fusion.”


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Sample enticing specialties from Nepal, Tibet and India at Himalaya in Ventura

August 21, 2011


Himalaya hits culinary peaks in Ventura

In our ever-expanding culinary scene, it probably shouldn't come as a surprise that now there is Himalaya restaurant bringing us the cuisine of Nepal and Tibet along with Indian fare. Owner Anup Rimal rhapsodizes in an introduction to the region and its food on the first page of the new menu in a manner that not only entices, but enlightens.


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